Ahad, 12 Ogos 2012

Mandarin Dikir Barat

WU HOOOO.....look at that happy funny face each of us.... winner mandarin dikir barat kot, haha...!Nik, always with that weird pose and by d way Yat, U looks cute with that little spectacles .all of just just look great !!! the guy in red baju melayu is The Tukang Karut... he sang well that night, i mean hell well , u  know la when malay speaking chinese wat happened kan.... slang lari...! but who cares , we've won it.

These gurls SUPERB... now i know how important gurls in job...! diorang ni lah yg menjadi backbone  dalam menjayakan  dikir barat ni.... without them i don't think we could've won that night...THANKSSSS

This is our family of mandarin class BM1113A. Thanks to Lah because of his  knowledge in teaching us how to dikir barat.After all the effort we put in, this is just under estimation cause other competitors was just great as what i could say damn good but who knows luck is in our side, wheekk... ! Besides , lots of thanks to SMKSMAB on our costumes. (dah mcam nak buat essy pulak).... therefore, i wish that our friendship ties will last long and Sayangilah Adat Budaya Warisan Melayu kita agar tidak lapok dek hujan, tidak lekang dek panas...wah gitu...hahaha....!

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